Current Issue. The authors have been offered the opportunity to submit a new manuscript for peer review. Kosilov VI, Nikonova EA, Nikitchenko DV, Kubatbekov TS. Retraction Watch Dec 18, 2017. The following list details 20 additional stories that CNN has bungled following the rise of Trump. Examine the retraction notice to … UNSPLASH, GARY CHAN W hen it comes to retractions, we at Retraction Watch always have a lot to say. Compiling the list of retracted articles and their corresponding retraction notices began with the PubMed query (“retracted publication”[pt] or “retraction of publication”[pt]). Keywords age age range diagnostics dogs fat growth heavy metals milk mineral fertilizers morphology piglets productivity rare species recreation seeds soil urban soils urbanization water consumption weight yield. In the remaining cases, the article, its retraction notice, or both were not available to us in hard copy or online. The selected retracted articles and their corresponding retraction notices were recorded and assessed for classification according to the reason for retraction and other additional information. 1. Regularities of development of … Use this format to cite a retraction notice rather than a retracted article, for example, to provide information on why an article was retracted. The author of the retraction notice may be an editor, editorial board, or some or all authors of the article. The Editor is retracting this article because concerns have been raised after publication with respect to the analysis of the data reported. articles, we were able to obtain 4,244 of the retracted articles and the retraction notices for 4,232 of them. Announcements. The authors do not agree with this retraction. Scaramucci Slip. CNN retracted a story in June of 2017 claiming that former Trump adviser Anthony Scaramucci was under investigation by Congress for his alleged ties to Russia. Forty of the 167 journals scrutinised at SCImago (23.9%) had at least one retracted article, and four additional journals were identified from the Retraction Watch website. Top 10 Retractions of 2017 Making the list: a journal breaks a retraction record, Nobel laureates Do the Right Thing, and Seinfeld characters write a paper . Results. The retraction by Science of a study of changing attitudes on gay marriage is the latest in a growing number of prominent withdrawals of the results of studies from scientific literature. Researchers may not be aware that they have cited a retracted article, as the retraction notice may be posted after the citing article has been submitted for publication, electronic reference managers may not update to include retractions, or articles may be cited from print journals without knowledge of a later retraction. List of Retracted Articles. Home > List of Retracted Articles.