If the background music one heard was based on his or her own life, prescient. For example, according to The Journal of Marketing , background music is thought to improve the store’s image, make employees happier, reduce employee turnover rate, and to stimulate customer purchasing (Milliman). ! Makine shows his skills as a writer in this book, you read so much music in the book and when read out loud it is literally music to your ears. Wouldn’t it be great, she imagined, if for every experience romantic or heartbreaking, triumph or tragedy, there was an orchestral score to musically define the moment and to propel us onward (or at the very least help us process what was really happening in our lives). The Benefits of Music and Background Noise Many people like to listen to music while they work, or to at least have some sort of noise in the background.

The history of human musicians is rich, and has many fine people lining its ranks. Fortunately, research shows that this is beneficial, since music and background noise offer various cognitive benefits when it comes to factors such as productivity and creativity.

Music, it's a part of everyone's life. Enjoy! The very prospect is difficult to consider. If there is just one piece of music playing based on just one situation in a crowd, confusing. A world without music would be a quiet place indeed. From childhood sing-a-long songs, to garage grunge music, and everything in between music is everywhere. Taking a deeper look at a passage, pages 5-6, out of Andreï Makine’s book A Life’s Music, you get a real sense of his style and the appropriateness of its title. If everyone had their own themes, loud. Where words cease to penetrate human reasoning, it is there when music makes sense the most. Music is societyÕs mark. It is the single most amazing tool to manipulate the most mysterious of human characteristic- Emotions. Music has changed the artistic and non-artistic world immeasurably, such that a world without music is nothing more than a terrifying fantasy. Music is by far the greatest tool known to man. If the background music is based on the audience’s reaction to … Growing up with an extremely musical background it was in my genes that I would become a musician. Employers and retail stores use the power of music to produce a desired behavior from their employees and customers. Hi, my name Aishah from Enviromental Health and Safety student. This is my videon on Life Should Come With Background Music. “I wish my life had background music like in the movies, so I could understand what the hell is going on”. The Sound of Music movie image. When I was growing up my mother told me the only problem with life is that it doesn’t have any background music…like movies.