Outline for Journal Club Presentation. Is it a clinical trial, cohort, case-control, cross-sectional, or case-series?

II. Journal Club Discussions. A.

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1. We collaborated with experienced nurse-researchers and professors of nursing to create a summary tool, so attendees could read each article and gain insight into research processes. Well look no further. Methodology/Study Design. Study objective/purpose. Is the research question or hypothesis clearly stated? Volume 136, April 2020, Issue 4

Presenting an Article at Journal Club Example Framework for Systematic Review/Meta-analysis Background Title, journal, date of publication, authors and whether they have any significant affliations. 2020 Journal Clubs Volume 136, May 2020, Issue 5.

Journal clubs are educational meetings where individuals meet regularly to critically evaluate recent articles in the scientific literature. Journal; Journal Club Journal Club. Their discussion will be recorded and made available on this area of ACC.org.

Design of the experiment/trial. Introduction. Access the Past Collection to read previous journal articles, videos, MP3 files, … Here are some suggestions. Contents are scanned regularly from PubMed - the US National Library of Medicine database. Our model, called “More Than Just a Journal Club,” had a dual purpose: to have researchers present their work and to teach attendees to read and critique research articles. Is the purpose of the study clearly stated?
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Articles from Palliative Care journals are listed in full, together with articles from other journals relevant to palliative care selected by the editor(s). I. For tips on organizing a local journal club, please see the instructional PDF provided by the editors. Rubric for Journal Club Oral presentation Category Elements of a strong presentation Weight (%) Knowledge and explanation of subject matter: • conveys big picture understanding • presents the essential information (saves minor details for Q&A) • accurate description of facts, procedures, hypotheses, etc. B. Population/sample. Suggested questions for both articles are provided. 1. Hypotheses. The Editors of the White Journal are proud to present the UOG Journal Club, which takes the hassle out of preparing for your presentation. Two articles from each month's issue have been identified as ideally suited for any journal club. Our expert faculty will discuss a relatively new, significant article in the literature. Browse your favourite journals and view the contents of the latest issue. Some departments have journal clubs where everyone takes turns to give a short presentation on a relevant topic or paper. 1. There are numerous books on how to give a presentation, but little advice available on how to choose a good topic or paper.