The digestive system is the series of tubelike organs that convert our meals into body fuel. Annals of Gastroenterology and the Digestive System is a peer reviewed journal which publishes articles on various aspects of digestive system and gastroenterology. Authors are requested to submit articles directly to Online Manuscript Submission System of respective journal. Living Donor Liver Transplantation for Children with Tyrosinemia Type I. Separate processes are involved in digesting carbohydrates, proteins, and lipids. First Published: 13 January 2020. First Published: 17 January 2020. Global Journal of Digestive Diseases is an open access journal and print the articles after a thorough peer review. This article, which forms part of the life sciences series and is the first of two articles on the digestive system, explores the structure and function of the digestive system. Request permissions. Abstract. It is important that nurses understand how the digestive system works and its role in maintaining health. Research and Reports in Gastroenterology is a peer reviewed, open access journal dedicated to the basic, clinical and translational Studies of physiology of Digestive System, Gastrointestinal disorders and diseases of related organs. Issue Information – PI. Digestive Health. About Digestive System The digestive system or alimentary system consists of accessory organs of digestion from mouth to anus along the alimentary canal and gastrointestinal tract. In the chicks of domestic fowl and turkeys considerable evidence suggests that, from hatching, the rate of development of the gastrointestinal tract exceeds the rate of body weight gain both physically (relative weight) and morphologically (villus height and perimeter, and villus volume). The gastrointestinal tract of the newly hatched chick is in a process of development and maturation. Bruce M. Carlson MD, PhD, in The Human Body, 2019. The digestive system is well adapted for ingesting food, breaking it down, both mechanically and enzymatically, and then absorbing the breakdown products and transporting them to the liver. Food's journey through the digestive system begins in the mouth. This includes the extensive new researches and innovations on proper diagnosis, management and also the prevention of the gastrointestinal disorders.

First Published: 17 January 2020. Your digestive system breaks down foods and liquids into their chemical components—carbohydrates, fats, proteins, and the like—that the body can absorb as nutrients and use for energy or to build or repair cells.