The volume is set to be released on October 8.

Documents, Volume 10, Released 4 May 2020 | The Joseph Smith Papers.
Calendar of Documents . Purchase: The ninth volume in the Documents series, published in September 2019, features over a hundred letters, revelations, meeting minutes, deeds, sermon accounts, and other documents from December 1841 through April 1842. Selected papers of Joseph Smith's contemporaries. Documents, Volume 1 Introduction: Joseph Smith Documents dating Through June 1831 ; Documents, Volume 1, Part 1 Introduction: July 1828–March 1829 The ninth volume of The Joseph Smith Papers will contain documents that give insights into Joseph’s vital and active role as a mayor, judge, editor, and even store clerk in the Nauvoo community during December 1841 through April 1842. This volume covers five months in 595 pages. Documents, Volume 10, which includes papers from May through August 1842, covers a time during which Joseph Smith oversaw missionary work, encouraged the construction of the Nauvoo temple, served as editor of the … As we reach the last few years of Joseph Smith’s life, the Documents series volumes cover decreasing amounts of time while still requiring a significant number of pages. Documents, Volume 9: December 1841–April 1842, edited by Alex D. Smith, Christian K. Heimburger, and Christopher James Blythe ISBN-13: 978-16297-268-92. The Joseph Smith Papers Documents Volume 9 is another excellent addition to this series covering the time period from December 1841 through April 1842. Court papers. Although a relatively short time period, this volume coming in at 650 pages covers significant events in the development of the Church in Nauvoo, IL. The ninth volume of the Documents series, published in September 2019, contains letters, deeds, bonds, sermon accounts, … Financial Records (24) Deeds, promissory notes, invoices, agreements, daybooks, ledgers, etc. The Church Historian’s Press today announced the release of the latest volume of The Joseph Smith Papers.

Chronological list of all known Joseph Smith documents, including multiple versions of documents. They chronicle developments in the church, community, and Joseph Smith’s personal life during these important … Related Resources. I’ve been told volume 15 will cover a mere five weeks. Volume 9 takes place between December 1841 and April 1842. Other Contemporary Papers . Documents, Volume 9: December 1841–April 1842.