The digital repository is a powerful tool to collect, manage, preserve and provide free, worldwide access to research and scholarship of Iowa State’s faculty, staff, and students. Program. Search. Open your thesis/dissertation account with ProQuest and input the title of your thesis/dissertation; this information will appear in the Commencement Program. Use this link to order. Review your thesis/dissertation formatting again since formatting may change after any edits are made. A specific thesis or dissertation can be purchased for your personal collection for $31 per PDF or $33 per unbound paper copy. GDCB theses dating back to 1925 can now be accessed at The ISU Digital Repository. << Previous: ISU Dissertations and Theses College: Science & Engineering. After graduation, your thesis / dissertation will be added to the DR! 2015 ; Student . It's a great visualization of the reach your thesis or dissertation will have! or Search By Click Up. Title. ISU ReD: Research and eData. This online archive preserves, promotes, and provides open access to the scholarly and creative output of the University. Sycamore Scholars is a digital archive of scholarly works created by students, staff, and faculty at Indiana State University. What is in ISU ReD? Welcome to the Idaho State University Electronic Dissertations an Search By Text. MS. Mandela Magnidjem : An Empirical Investigation of the Effect of Students’ Preferred Learning Methods on Their Levels of Immersion in Serious Games (non thesis creative component) ISU ReD collects and provides current and long-term access to the research and scholarship of the faculty, staff, and students of Illinois State University. This map shows real-time access and readership of ISU dissertations and theses available in the Digital Repository. ISU ReD: Research and eData is a digital repository of the work of faculty, staff, and students at Illinois State University.

Major Professor. The Digital Repository @ Iowa State University increases the visibility and impact of Iowa State University's research and scholarship.

The ISU Digital Repository The Iowa State University Digital Repository is Iowa State’s open access, full-text institutional repository. Submit the edited manuscript to your Major Professor and Committee for approval.