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publication. Research Areas International Affairs & Development Economic development policy, foreign aid, democratic movements, global economic crisis, and adaptation to climate change are just a few of many topics in international affairs and development. International Affairs and Leadership Masters Degree ... Areas of Research. ASU School of Politics and Global Studies faculty are engaged in a wide variety of research, stretching across and interlinking many disciplines. publication. Nativism or Economic Threat: Attitudes Toward Immigrants During the Great Recession . The Majority-Minority Divide in Attitudes Toward Internal Migration: Evidence from Mumbai. For Faculty Profiles click here Some Areas of Expertise (does not include all areas or faculty) Democratization The study of democratization is a growing field, especially in relation to foreign policy of western countries.

This field investigates why, how, and when democratic political regimes emerge, why they collapse or stabilize, and why democratization can sometimes...Read more ยป Read More. Predicting the Likelihood of Election Violence? data. Thanks for A2A these are the most best research topic in international relation: 1-Religious field: A- religious comparison /similarities and differences. Several on-going and innovative, collaborative research projects being done by our faculty are described briefly below. Read More. NOTE: Specialized research institutes are also found on the Peace, Conflict Resolution, and International Security, American Foreign Policy, Global Environment, European Union, and International Development pages of this site, among others.