Flash fiction is many things: hilariously difficult to categorize; confusingly known as “microfiction,” “short shorts,” “minisagas,” “dribble,” and “drabble”; and sometimes, even dangerous. Twitter allows its users to keep their friends and family informed of their current status. ... Instagram, and Twitter. But great might not be the first word that springs to mind.

Menendez has completed a few really interesting and socially impactful projects with her students using micro-writing. ... Micro blogging is the posting of very short entries or updates on a blog or social networking site, typically via a cellular phone. Remember, this is a style of writing so short (most cap it at 1,000 words) and so accessible that some […]

Instagram has seen dramatic growth in the last year, expanding its feature set and adding over 200 million monthly active users.

Google allows users to search the Web for images, news, products, video, and other content. An Inside Look At What Is An Instagram Influencer?

An influencer can work across various verticals, using both post formats and stories to make a name for him or herself over time.

A well-done essay may be enjoyed by some, but a well-written tweet or Instagram caption can be enjoyed and understood by much larger numbers,” says Hannah Menendez, a college composition instructor in Florida. Teen's Essay on Microaggressions Goes Viral "I wanted to bring awareness to the issue at hand in an informative way." Between Stories, posts and IGTV, Instagram now offers a variety of content types.

place, Instagram plays an important role.

Social Media: Twitter Essay example. With the ever-changing Instagram algorithm, coming up with fresh Instagram post ideas can be a challenge. We hope these 9 post ideas offered some inspirations on what to try out for your brand. Subscribe to our industry digest newsletter: the latest authoritative marketing news, trends, and stats on social media stars. A 2016 exploratory study on influencer marketing, using in-depth interviews with 13 advertisers, found Instagram as The visually engaging nature of the platform and the 700 million active users make it a relevant channel for influencer marketing. Instagram influencers can have a significant impact on brand outreach considering influencers garner more social engagement than the advertising brand's account.