The essay 'Inside The Whale' is an attempt to criticise the state of English literature in 1940, by using an interpretation of the politics of recent wars, including the then unfolding second world war. The novel is written in an autobiographical style and is considered to be largely autobiographical and factual. Everyone had inside him, like a kind of core, the, iteaowledge that he could earn a decent living, and earn it without bootlicking. The historical Jonah, if he can be so called, was glad enough to escape, but in imagination, in day-dream, countless people have envied him. submerged class. Inside the Whale Summary Part 1 - Henry Miller's Tropic of Cancer was greeted with cautious praise upon its publication in 1935. "Inside the Whale" increased my appreciation of Tropic of Cancer, and it did so not by minimizing Miller's annoying solipsism and egomania but rather by explaining and, to a certain extent, justifying The reason is simply that they are free For the fact is that being inside a whale is a very comfortable, cosy, homelike thought. When you read about Mark Twain's Mississippi raftsmen and pilots, or Bret Harte's Western gold-miners, they seem more remote than the cannibals of the Stone Age.