From Research to Policy and Practice: Some Issues in Knowledge Transfer by Jenny Ozga No. This report describes some of the National Institute of Justice's (NIJ) successful research projects, summarizes their findings, and discusses their influence on criminal justice policy and practice. Research is most likely to influence policy development through an extended process of communication and interaction. 31, April 2004 Policy-makers in Scotland and elsewhere are looking for more effective ways of using research evidence to support policy-making and to build good practice in schools and other educational organisations. 6 In part, the research–policy interface is made more complex by the nature of scientific information, which is often vast, uneven in quality, and inaccessible to policymakers.
I work as an academic, development practitioner and policy advisor in the area of Information and Communication Technologies for development (ICT4D), and it has always puzzled me that research in this field has so little impact on policy and professional practice.
When I came across Research to Action, I suddenly felt at home. This literature review was conducted between June and December, 2001 as part of a larger strategic evaluation on the influence of IDRC-supported research on public policy … Fred Carden, in a paper on this subject , discusses the issues with assessing the influence of research on policy change and emphasises the importance of the context of the situation. RESEARCH INFLUENCE ON POLICY THE GREYWATER REUSE CASE of JORDAN Submitted by Eman Surani For IDRC CRDI March 6, 2003 -2- EXECUTIVE SUMMARY In spite of both internal and external hindering factors, the projects reviewed as part of this case study can be said to have had a positive influence on public policy in Jordan, as the following outcomes indicate.

Among the conditions required for research to have an influence on policy and practice, several observers emphasise the need for researchers to have the intent for it do so. According to Sen , the highest likely impact of research on development outcomes is when there is a clear demand from research users and there is an effective supply of high-quality policy-relevant research, backed by …

The first of the four models we outline offered a subtler ‘enlightenment’ conception of how research can influence policy.

This in addition to …

As a lot of policy-oriented research institutions rely on donors or public funds, there is a growing need to demonstrate the actual influence of research projects on policy and practice.

IDRC-SUPPORTED RESEARCH AND ITS INFLUENCE ON PUBLIC POLICY Knowledge Utilization and Public Policy Processes: A Literature Review Stephanie Neilson EVALUATION UNIT IDRC December, 2001 Oca2.2 % S00, oo!