There is a limited body of research available which considers infection prevention and control education for nursing students, particularly in clinical placements and no identified research in this area in midwifery. Research will be coordinated through dedicated networking.
Project Overview The findings of the research revealed how nurses experienced difficulty understanding and implementing infection control recommendations.
Infection Control Research Proposal. The two-tier system of precautions for standard care and contact isolation was an area of considerable confusion and conflict in practice. E.g topic: Infection control and prevention (or as agreed with your educator) 2. Identify the reason(s) for undertaking your research from the list below. Aim. Development of new educational tools as well as specific guidelines and expert opinion with ‘real life’ applicability are a major focus.

We are a Brazilian group of research in infection control and prevention in children and newborns and it'll be great to start partnerships with colleagues around the world and share expetise. Infection Prevention and Control Kathleen E. Haertel, Analysis of Nursing Research / Nur 518 April1, 2012 Mrs. Susan Steele- Moses Abstract Florence Nightingale was the first person to initiate the concept of infection prevention and control in Healthcare. to harmonize infection control and preventive measures in all European countries and to reduce morbidity and mortality related to HAI.