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Essay on Individualism 1284 Words 6 Pages Individualism 1) An individualist is considered to be someone with personality and character, someone who is not easily intimidated by social pressure or customs, someone with a personal opinion and a singular view of the world. I … I am more of a team worker than being a lone group leader. In this essay I able use my personal experience as a foreigner to help the readers understand the subject. I like seeing and working with more people. One aspect among these differences is Individualism and Collectivism. The scope of individualism and collectivism defined by Hofstede states “Individualism tendency of a culture’s norms and values to emphasize satisfying individual needs or group need. Free Essays. Although every culture is different, Individualist and collectivism have a different implication for social organization. Individualism and Collectivism Culture Abstract This essay discusses different aspects of Individualism and collectivism culture. This is not an example of the work written by professional essay writers. Individualism Vs Collectivism. Individualism emphasizes pursuit of individual goals, needs and success.’ Meanwhile, Collectivist perspective emphasizes group here welfare and satisfaction. Individualism Vs Collectivism And Collectivism Essay 1678 Words | 7 Pages. TITLE : Individualism vs Collectivism ABSTRACT Our world is a so vastly populated that the presence of differences among various socio-economic groups is natural phenomenon. Collectivism vs. Individualism in organizational culture In many circumstances like when going to the mall or even when studying, I like to be with someone or a group. Individualism versus Collectivism essay.