Yes, you can use the figures from another paper in your own.

I am writing a review article on some target, and in one of the research papers one figure is reported.

This is a pretty simple process.

Figure Numbers and Titles. Treat tables, figures and graphics like quotes. ), and can be single-spaced. Figures and other image specifications Font: Text in image files should follow the overall Font Specifications and is large enough to be read when inserted into the document. in your PhD thesis When your thesis is deposited in Spiral and made available to the public, legally it will be viewed as published and you must get permission to reproduce any extracts, images, figures, etc. Using images from other papers in literature review of thesis/dissertation? on the line below the figure using the RegText font style: Figure 1, Figure 2, Figure 3, etc.. On the same line, use the font style Figure title for the title.Figure titles typically use Headline Style Capitalization, end with a period (. You would need to get permission from the journal/publisher. Reproducing published extracts, images, figures, etc.

APA style says it should be treated as a quote. During the preparation of your research article or thesis, you may choose to include figures and tables to illustrate key points. When an existing table, figure or other graphic (such as a chart or picture) is taken from another source (possibly with adaptations), it becomes an image. The font in images should appear to be the same size as the text in your thesis. If the item is a table, … Everything I've read online in how-to guides say it's a no-no, however going through the digital repository at my university I've found several that do. for which you do not own the copyright (you can use works which are out of copyright without permission).

After inserting a figure, type the figure designator ending with a period (.) However, you would need to cite the source clearly in the references section of your paper. Similar to using information from a journal or other source, it is important that these items are correctly cited and listed in the references. If you created the table or image yourself, you would not include it in the reference list. Do I need a permission to copy any figure from a research article for my review article? It's difficult to not use images in the literature review in my field, since it involves very small variations in configurations of a medical device.