Where on one hand theorists and practitioners have felt that its significance in language learning cannot be mitigated, on the other hand it is seen as nothing but a set of arbitrary rules and merely an exercise in naming parts of a sentence; something that can easily be done away with. Share . Sarah Bronson . Grammar is the groundwork of clear communication. Marcel (1853) highlights this point in his book. Both native and second-language speakers of English are found on every continent, and English has become the lingua franca in many fields, including business, politics, science, technology, and … The importance of teaching grammar in English language is an ongoing debate.

There are various rules surrounding the use of articles, yet these are simple and easy to learn.

Around the world, correct grammar is an indication that the speaker or writer is an … The Importance Of English: Although the English language doesn’t have the largest number of native speakers in the world, it has the widest reach of any language spoken today. Print . Grammar forms the habit in the mind of the learners and when combined with logic and rhetoric skills, it accustoms the learner to language accuracy and slowly, to the accuracy of thinking. Importance of Correct Grammar. Related .

He clarifies how grammar develops accuracy in communication as “it forms the mind to habits of order and clearness; concurrently with logic and rhetoric, it accustoms learners to accuracy of language, and hence, to accuracy of thinking”(p.424). No matter what language you use to speak or write, using correct grammar not only helps you communicate more effectively and precisely, but also helps you avoid embarrassment. Tweet . Good grammar helps you communicate clearly and get what you want. Email . First, grammar is very importance because it may help inhance accuracy. An article is a very important part of English grammar and how they are used always depends on the noun that they are referring to, unless that noun in being modified by an adjective, in this case the article will correspond with the adjective. The rules of grammar help the learners to develop a routine of thinking in a logical and clearer way.

Basic English Grammar for Beginners. Grammar is very important as it helps increase accuracy.