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Ielts 7 Band Essay on “Successful sports stars and glamorous film stars are a role model” Complete Essay for Ielts Students Essay, Paragraph or Speech on “Merits and Demerits of City Life” Complete English Essay, Speech for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes. IELTS Online Tests is the largest global community of students, teachers, examiners, institutions and IELTS training centres, and is currently the #1 website for online IELTS practice. Others, however, think that these are necessary for individuals and the society.

Ideas and vocabulary count for 50% of your task 2 marks. Marriage founds new relationships between males and females, what is thought to be the highest and the most important institution of our society. In my opinion, one can save this money and utilise it for better purposes. It was decorated impressively with a lot of lights, candles and flowers around the room. A collection of essay topics reported by IELTS candidates so far in 2020. A wedding is an occasion to celebrate the happiness of two people with their family and friends. The main reason marriages have gone bigger is because of advance in technologhy.By which I mean, with the use of recent technology we can invite many more people than we did in the past.It is even possible to invite someone living outside out national boundaries by E-card invitation.what more,many people are attending weddings becuase of advance in transport system.Nowdays,it has …

IELTS Speaking question 3: Describe the wedding ceremony? A special lunch was organized for the guests in the temple. 3/4/2015 0 Comments My Wedding Day Memoir Michelle C. Brown ITT Technical Institute English Composition Mrs. Mable Weatherby February 18, 2015 Abstract This essay tells the story of my wedding day. You have one minute to think about what you are going to say.

This is such a common problem that we have a full chapter in this course dedicated to solving it..

IELTS Essay Örnekleri Some people think that spending a lot on holding wedding parties, birthday parties and other celebrations is just a waste of money. ... IELTS Essay 2 <- Previous:

When it comes to marriage, the first thing we all think about is a long-lasting relationship.

Some people prefer to have a lavish wedding and they do not mind spending a lot of money on it. IELTS Essay 3 – Marry For Love or Money. Ideas for expensive: we r better at arranging high standard wedding, like using wedding company, gorgeous wedding photos; buying new house for young couples in China; oversee honeymoon, etc 5 I recon that I would call this topic a discuss essay to question 1 if i … You should say: when and where it was who were getting married what happened at the wedding; and explain what type of wedding ceremony it was. IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card. Others, however, think that these are necessary for individuals and the society. Others opine that such celebrations are a waste of money. Nowadays, it has been observed that weddings are celebrated in a grand manner and a lot of money is spent. A marriage is … How to Get Ideas For IELTS Essay Topics.

Describe a wedding ceremony you attended.

Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample. It reflects on one of the best moments of my life, when I feel I really grew up. INFLUENCE OF WESTERN CUSTOMS OF WEDDING ON CONTEMPORARY MUSLIM MARRIAGE CEREMONIES IN WAJIR COUNTY, KENYA BY ABDISHAKUR HUSSEIN SHEIKH C50/27142/2011 A RESEARCH PROPOSAL SUBMITTED TO THE SCHOOL OF HUMANITIES AND SOCIAL SCIENCES IN PARTIAL … If you struggle with vocabulary and ideas for topics, get my e-book: Sample Chapter.

IELTS Speaking Part 3: Discussion (4-5 minutes) Answer the following questions about weddings and marriage. Answer : A couple of weeks ago, I attended a wedding with my parents. The guests from both, bride as well as groom’s side, were there. Support your opinion with relevant examples and …

As wedding industry requires the services of other segments also like hospitality, catering, apparels, decoration and makeup etc. But, that is a big gamble. I agree with this view. Influence Of Western Customs Of Wedding Essay 9329 Words | 38 Pages. See this page: 100 IELTS Essay Questions.

According to them, understanding each other will develop eventually after living together. IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card # 53 Describe a wedding or marriage ceremony you have attended. Sometimes you see a question and your mind goes completely blank. That’s really true.

An elaborate / expensive wedding has many benefits.

There were three glamorous wedding photo albums , showing tables right at the centre of the official gate. That was a very simple wedding held at a famous Sikh temple in my hometown. However, you must prepare as fully as you can. I will discuss about both the views in my essay. On one hand, Indian weddings have a great contribution in generating employment. In our competitive world, many people want to build their career or fulfil some dream through wedding on the basis of money.

You should say: when and where it was; who were getting married; what you did; and explain whether you enjoyed it or not. IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay: You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.