BUSINESS AND MANAGEMENT - PAPER 1 PRACTICE EXAMINATION LEVEL PAPER 1 – HL exam CASE STUDY: THE IMPERIAL For use in May and November 2014 For use in May and November 2014 2 hours 15 minutes INSTRUCTIONS Do not open this examination paper until you have been instructed to do so You will need a clean copy of The Imperial case study for this examination paper A clean copy of the Business … Here are a list of VERY HARD questions for each of the Section 2 chapters. Paper 1: One hour 15 minutes; Paper 2: One hour 45 minutes; Business and Management HL. The following documents can be purchased online as downloadable files. Be sure to learn the material as you're supposed to learn it in class. IB Business Management Magic Questions - Section 2 . This is the paper that has a separate case study.

Available documents are actual examination papers in Business Management Year 2017 HL SL 2016 HL SL 2015 HL SL 2014 HL SL 2013 HL SL 2012 HL SL 2011 HL SL 2010 HL SL 2009 HL SL AristonIB fully endorses the US Digital Millennium… A week or two is not enough time to get down everything you'll need to know (that's why the course is taught over a couple of years!). ;) (Here are the other sections: Section 1, Section 3, Section 4, and Section 5.) IB Business Management: Unit 1 - Business Organisation and Environment Business Organisation and Environment in IB Business Management is one of the five core topics and is assessed in both Paper 1 and Paper 2 SL and HL examinations. The time allowed per IB Business and Management paper is as follows: Business and Management SL. This post about the IB Business Paper 1 exam is quite lengthy. Waiting to learn the material until a week or two before the papers: There is a lot of material to master for the IB Business and Management class. I call these "Magic Questions" because, if you can answer these questions, you'll know you really understand the theory required to ace the exam. Paper 1: Two hours 15 minutes; Paper 2: Two hours 15 minutes; Do not stray from this timing, not even by a minute. I’ll be talking about some things that you’re going to need to remember for this paper.

It's like magic! I highly advise studying that case study very carefully. This post is all about the IB Business Paper 1 exam.