(r=0.862)* is observed.

The proposed hypothesis suggests that quantitative and qualitative evaluation influences collaborative learning. Collaborative Learning Collaborative learning is defined as following “it is a situation in which two or more people learn or attempt to learn something together” (Dillenbourg, 1999). 2009).

The research was carried out in two periods: in 2014 at the Marqués de Selva Alegre School and in 2017 in the Manuela Espejo School. The second is to deliver productive learning exchanges targeted to practitioner needs and test the hypothesis that a peer-based, collaborative model enhances learning. A high degree of positive correlation between Learning A high degree of positive correlation between Learning Methodology and English achievement of undergraduate students. Collaboration in Collaborative Learning Michael J. Baker ... by hypothesis, relate to learning outcomes — requires a strong theory of collaborative activity. Collaborative learning and the Internet Pierre Dillenbourg and Daniel Schneider TECFA (unit of Educational Technology), School of Psychology and Education Sciences

Accordingly, collaborative learning is better when it promotes better individual learning.

The second hypothesis that suggests significant relationship between perceived usefulness and collaborative learning in the context of learning Quran and Hadith was also confirmed. Therefore, the arguments above leads to the following hypothesis: H6: Actual use of social media has positive significant impact on students’ engagement. And the third is to inform and influence the broader TAP field and philanthropic actors on effective learning approaches. For this reason, given that the goal of learning was to solve problems individually, firstly it is important not lose sight that the performance and efficiency of collaborative learning must be evaluated in terms of individual learning of group members (Kirschner et al.

With the result of β = 0.114, p < 0.001), H3 was also confirmed as the relation between perceived enjoyment and social media use for learning Quran and Hadith was found to be significant and positive.

Collaborative learning and individual learning methods.