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Below are key excerpts of little-known, yet highly revealing news articles on war from the major media.

Confederate newspapers in Virginia during the American Civil War (1861–1865) served as vital, if often flawed, sources of reporting on the conflict, as organs of national propaganda, and as venues in which to attack or defend the administration of Confederate president Jefferson Davis. The American Civil War is often called the first "modern" war. By the Civil War the Herald had by far the largest circulation in the country and had utterly transformed the newspaper business and its place in society.

Contributed by Ted Tunnell. Confederate Newspapers in Virginia during the Civil War. “The daily newspaper,” wrote the North American Review in 1866, “is one of those things which are rooted in the necessities of modern civilization. The Civil War proved to be an important era for print media in the United States. Telegraph lines often went down, so reporters learned to put the most important information in their stories into the first few lines of …

The American Civil War from 1861 to 1865 was a watershed period in the history of journalism. They dramatically transformed how armies conducted warfare and how newspapers and magazines conducted journalism. War News Articles. It is important to note that not all "Civil War inventions" were invented during the civil war. Newspaper reporting may have come of age in coverage of the American Civil War.

These were days of heightened concern, and newspapers were one of the few resources that people were able to rely upon for war news.

And the advent of the telegraph enabled Civil War correspondents to transmit stories back to their newspapers' home offices with unprecedented speed. Reporters overcame terrible conditions, sometimes heavy-handed government attempts to censor their reports and, when they crossed enemy lines, the threat of imprisonment as spys, to produce thorough and detailed accounts of issues and battles. Why? The telegraph and the railroad, which had been developing rapidly since the 1840s, blossomed during the war. Excerpts of key news articles on war. There were many new inventions that helped in both the fighting and recording of the war. For the first time yesterday’s battle news could be published in today’s newspaper or next week’s illustrated weekly.

The writers and foreign correspondents who came to Spain invented a new kind of war journalism, reporting in first-person, eyewitness accounts the brutal feel of the battlefield. ... thanks mainly to a civil war that ended in 1992. What? Historic Civil War Newspapers Records of a Nation in Turmoil. Thanks to the advent of the electric telegraph, newspapers were able to receive reports from great distances quickly. In the 1860s, Americans’ interest in the Civil War, and its collateral effects, caused a spike in demand for news reports. The Civil War was fought at a time of great technological innovation and new inventions, including the telegraph, the railroad, and even balloons, became part of the conflict.Some of these new inventions, such as ironclads and telegraphic communication, changed warfare forever. ... see this webpage to view it in its entirely on one of the few news websites to report it.

Daily Richmond Examiner. Smart News Keeping you current A Civil War Colonel Invented Fracking in the 1860s His first invention was an ‘oil well torpedo,’ but it was followed by others