Transfer time is fast, 3-7 seconds!

Waist-high smooth heat-resistant surface Household iron Inkjet printer Large cotton pillowcase • Don't use a laser printer. The tracing paper transfer method of marking an embroidery design on fabric (sometimes referred to as thread tracing) uses lightweight tissue or tracing paper that you have marked with your pattern.It's a great way to transfer a design to fabric without actually marking the fabric. For best results, use ChromaCotton® Transfer Paper.

NuFun Activities Dark Fabric Transfer is a versatile, inkjet printable transfer paper allowing for endless creative possibilities! This package contains 25-250 sheets of 8.5” x 11” One Step Opaque ChromaCotton® Transfer Paper, which can be used to print images on black and dark colored T-shirts. To use this paper effectively, you need an inkjet printer to produce your image, a laser copier to print your negative image, plain paper, the transfer paper and software that can create negative images. • Don't use steam in the iron. With this crafty two-press printing and transferring process, use your favorite OKI laser printer to create a beautiful and vibrant image! This paper works on any color fabric except black and will not transfer light spots on dark colors. This Dark Fabric Transfer paper has excellent color quality with most inkjet printers and has excellent wash durability. Grey Transfer Paper || White Transfer Paper A package like this costs around $10. • Don't use an ironing board, glass, granite, concrete or other heat sensitive or heat-retaining surfaces. They are used for the heat transfer of high-resolution photographs and images to dark T-shirts, sweatshirts, mousepads, coasters, puzzles and more. (For white & light color shirts). This single step commercial grade hot peel heat transfer paper can be used with any brand/model inkjet printer (ie: Epson, Canon, HP, Lexmark, Etc). General Use. ImageClip Laser Dark offers a way to transfer JUST your printed image to your t-shirt, with no background, and no contour-cutting with a vinyl cutter necessary.

Tissue paper (provided) 100% cotton or poly/cotton blend, dark colored fabric. For both oil and non-oil color laser copies and printers. Our digital transfer paper is specially engineered to be digitally printed using inkjet or laser printers and transferred to a variety of garments, fabrics and other hard surfaces by the use of heat and pressure. Applied under heat and pressure, the heat transfer paper is used to transfer the image onto the fabric. Color Laser Copier Paper for Darks Application Instructions.

Heat Transfer Paper - For InkJet Printers. Transfer paper, shown here in grey and white, can be used on several different surfaces to easily transfer a pattern.