Remember, many law firms are happy to take on non-law undergraduates, while some even run specific schemes that are aimed at non-law students. Legal research is one of the major tasks given to trainee solicitors. In fact, it was for many of us! You also need to be a good enough writer if you want to succeed. For example, many government agencies, law firms, congressional or legislative offices, corporations, and even freelancers need the services of a qualified legal researcher. Although some firms or employers don't really need you to have a law degree, this is basically recommended if you want to excel in this field. Tip: If you’re writing a law firm business plan because you’re considering starting a law firm with little-to-no money at the outset, check out Willie Peacock’s advice here (It’s possible!). Starting a law firm may be the best decision you’ll ever make. Once you secure several lawyer referrals with expertise in the appropriate practice area, you should carefully research each candidate.

Based off of our experiences investing our time and resources to help lawyers like you start and manage their own small or solo law firms, we’ve put together this guide. To become a legal researcher, you basically need to have a college degree. It is also a skill you need to develop if you want to be an asset to a law firm. There are also plenty of tools you can look at to help streamline non-billable tasks and leave yourself more time to practice law. Conducting Candidate Interviews . We expect research degree students to visit other institutions and libraries but we must ensure that there is a sufficiently comprehensive ‘core’ of … It's important to take into account though that non-law students who wish to get involved in work experience may … Getting started as a new entrepreneur often brings challenges, of course. Most often you will be utilized to help attorneys with the cases they have. One of the best ways to assess a lawyer’s legal ability is by interviewing them. Below are some simple steps to choosing the best lawyer for your legal needs.

Library overhead expenses may account for as much as five percent of a law firm’s gross income and is one of the most common areas of client push back for the recovering of costs. The faster you can do this and the more focussed and accurate your answers then the more likely you are to be noticed and given more responsibility. The School of Law must consider whether it possesses adequate resources to support your proposed research, such as books, journals and law reports. It all varies from employer to employer. Under current market pressures, legal research has been a target for law firm leaders to decrease headcount and services.