8. Use paper from recycling bins for notes, etc. This simple change, in combination with printing in duplex, could result in as much as a 92% saving in paper usage. Reduce Font Size. But giving up paper also offers a golden opportunity to rethink and remodel someold-school teaching habits. District is embarking on a new Paper Use Reduction Campaign. Minimize your use of paper.

Use both sides of pieces of paper. Re-use one-sided paper for notes, sketches, rough work, etc. Don’t use a bigger piece of paper than you need. (Check out the Environmental Protection Agency's Tools to Reduce Waste in Schools page.) Paper is currently being overused in schools and by students. Reducing the font size you use for documents is a very simple way of saving your school money, as naturally, the smaller the font, the less paper and ink it will consume. This petition had 12 supporters. PAPERS started this petition to kyle irby and 1 other.

The core components of Paper Use Reduction Campaign will be: • Reducing paper usage by relying on email distribution, Website file sharing and posting, and emphasizing a creator use of online and computer-based learning and working. If you only need half or a quarter of a page to write down a recipe or shopping list, then only use that amount. This alarming rate of paper use has led to global deforestation and is creating issues that can be prevented if the population changes their ways. Shifting to online workspaces such as Google Docs not only saves paper but also opens new opportunities for collaboration and just-in-time feedback. Reduce Paper Usage in Schools.