Here we go. More Articles. Print, cut out of heavy paper, and tape together as instructed. Yes, i know, its a NNEEEDDD when it comes to ninjas! How to Wrap a Scarf Over the Nose & Mouth; How to Wear a Bandana Around Your Neck ; How to Wear a Short Scarf Around the Neck; How to Tie Your Scarf Around Your Face; How to Wear an Orthodox Head Scarf; Bandanas image by Jim Mills from Your arms should not be inside the t-shirt. Make a ninja mask with a t-shirt Put a black or any other dark color t-shirt inside out. heres how to make … Put your head in the t-shirt as if you are about to put it on, but stop at shoulder level. Download the FREE Ninja Turtle Mask pattern below. Updated On: September 28, 2017. Cut a rectangle 2″ X 20″ out of heavy paper to be used as the arm band/leg band pattern. Placing your mask pattern along the fold, trace and pin before cutting the desired amount of masks. How to Paper Mache Mask Ninja Turtle In an effort to be more green (pun intended) we are going to try to create a paper mache TMNT mask instead of purchasing a pre-made plastic one. You could also cut a length of ribbon to fit around your head and attach that to the sides of your mask. By: Scott Damon. Diese Art Ninja-Maske ist zwar weniger realistisch, dafür aber auch viel einfacher in der Herstellung. To make a handle for your mask, use hot glue to attach a straw or a craft stick to your paper plate mask.

Lege dazu einfach ein Stück Stoff auf eine flache Oberfläche und schneide eine ovale Fläche an der Stelle aus, an der du deine Augen haben wirst. Ever wanted to be a ninja but didnt have a mask?

Bandannas are commonly either 17 inches or … How to Make a Bandanna Face Mask. Your t-shirt may get larger, but you should still be able to wear it after the process. One of the most iconic parts of a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle costume is the eye mask. How to Make it. How to Make a Ninja Turtle Mask. Make a Better Ninja Mask: OK this is my first instructible so tell me how i could improve. Whether you are kid playing or an adult dressing up for a costume party, you can make a ninja mask simply and easily using a dark colored T-shirt. The tutorial below will instruct you how to wear your T-shirt over you head to resemble a ninja mask without needing to cut or destroy the t-shirt.