We say that’s a total win! This week I go through the many ways to make up a hexagon shape using the shapes … You can also use a stapler to connect the two end pieces of the lantern. Take the two ends of the paper and wrap them around to make a round tube shape. These little paper forms can then be used to decorate greeting cards, pictures, gift bags and boxes, or glued together to make mosaics, sculptures and other works of art. How to Choose Paper for Origami. It's a paper craft that involves rolling narrow strips of paper into unique 3D shapes. It will hold up better. If you want to make your shape sturdier, use thicker card stock. Layer the paper where needed, and peel back layers when needed. You can arrange the pieces of paper on the page before gluing them down, or you can cut out shapes and glue them as you move along. Make a tube. With scissors, cut the paper into different shapes and fragments. Inexpensive and easy to make? Whether for budget reasons or plain ol’ indecisiveness, we all have a corner of our home that goes a bit forgotten. Big Bro and I colored the shapes together as we talked about them, and then I … To make the collage process more flexible, use an acid free glue stick. If you're a beginner, stick with origami paper, which is thinner and easier to fold. Seven geometric shapes make up the puzzle. Nov 16, 2013 - I am pleased to announce that Episode 4 of the Shape Up with Sue Daley Video Series is live. The Chinese call this puzzle ch'i ch'iao t'u, which means "ingenious puzzle with seven pieces." Tape the top and bottom edge together. Build a shape bear with 5 different shapes: Template: Build A Shape Bear with five different shapes. In case you don't know, quilling has nothing to do with hedgehogs or feather pens.

The coil can be pressed into a different shape with the fingers. Use a piece of tape or glue to stick it together. DIY Paper Shapes Wall Art — This DIY Paper Shapes Wall Art is the perfect modern piece for that forgotten blank wall space! This craft is simple. If you want a glamorous craft, choose metallic foil paper or gift wrap. You can use different coloured strips of quilling paper to wrap around the coil to give it a two-toned or multi-toned colour. Just print the template, color the shapes, cut them out, and glue them together. As mentioned before, you can adjust the number of loops in each coil when wrapping the paper around the comb. Rearranged in different ways, these 7 pieces can make as many as 1,600 different designs.