Step 5: Poke a small hole into the center of the head. . A bat into a ball. Step 6: Pull a piece of thread through the hole from the top, and tie a big knot in it so the thread will not pull through. Cut a snake shaped head and tongue from the paper and glue it onto the last fold. My code is like this: into a free-form shape RUBIK’S Transformable Snake is the twistable challenge of unlimited puzzle shapes. Step 4: Draw eyes to make the center oval of the plate into a snake's head.

Line up the body parts as shown in the picture. Untwist RUBIK’S Snake from its ball . Step 7: Color the snake's body with stripes.

A turtle into a terrier. However, the problem is: I can't make the snake changes line, if it finish the first line, I need it changes to the second line and which starts from the right side.

It needs me to draw a snake and that snake will automatically move one line by one line. Turn a snake into a swan. and cut the snakes body shapes from different colors of construction paper. This one is not only fun to make it’s also super fun to play with. Your accordion paper snake craft is finished and you can stretch, pull and wiggle it as much as you like! . I did draw a snake, and it can move from left side to right side. If you are reviewing math facts write the problem on one end of a snake pattern and then the …

Start twisting and watch amazing figures take form.

All with just a few twists of your imagination. Decorate with googly eyes and black marker for nostrils. .. . Before class print out the snake pattern.