Expectations for research statements vary among disciplines. • To describe how to choose your research strategy and plan your research project Introduction The shortest way of describing the contents of this chapter is to say that it provides a starting point for your research efforts.

Chapter 2 Id e n t I f y I n g a Resea R ch PR oblem a n d Quest I on, a n d se a R c h I n g Relevant lI te R atu R e L ong before you create a research proposal, let alone conduct your research, you need to identify a problem to address and then a question or questions to ask regarding your targeted problem.

It is unlikely that you will cure both cancer and the common cold during a ten-week summer internship, for example. How to Write a Great Statement of Purpose Monique Limón Assistant Director McNair Scholars Program University of California, Santa Barbara Raslyn Rendon Director Outreach, Recruitment and Retention Graduate Division University of California, Irvine.
My research has encompassed many aspects of proteolysis ranging from determining the half-life of a peptide bond, to the manipulation of the immune system for the production of antibody catalysts and the uncovering of the proteases involved in angiogenesis and immune function. Writing an Effective Statement of Interest As part of the application process for certain positions, you may be asked to write a statement of interest. Pat J. Ask faculty members in your department about the expectations for your field. Research Interests Rebecca Bryant My research interests lie in the role of proteolysis in disease. –F. Statement of Research Interests and Vision. Yeh . Effective statements of interest: 1. Correlational research attempts to discover or establish the existence of a relationship/ interdependence between two or more aspects of a situation. It introduces the concept of research as understood in the academic world, and contrasts it to the loose way the word ‘research’ is used in everyday speech. Research Objectives . • Describe realistic expectations for the training experience you are seeking. Applicants should declare any interests which anyone named on the application (or a senior member of the lead organisation who may be involved in the management of the grant) has with any individual, organisation, project partner or supplier involved in the research, or any interest that might be perceived to influence the applicant’s objectivity in conducting the research. • Pay particular attention to the way in which you describe your research interests. Answer the question or address the issues to which you are asked to respond. The goal of my research is to seek a better understanding of the fundamental hydrological and atmospheric processes and mechanisms, and their mutual interactions governing the water and energy cycle over a wide spectrum of spatial and temporal scales.