There are a million ways to build a paper tower using this method, but the best designs usually have a strong wide base, a low center of gravity, and an open design.

Maybe your child has been assigned homework to assemble a strong structure from drinking straws. Extend the Experiment.

That is much harder! Talk with your group about the best way you imagine building your Strong Tower. NOT for drinking) Procedure: PART 1 – Build it!

One paper plate Baby wipes (for hand cleaning) Weights (juice boxes weigh 125 grams each! Whatever the reason, creating a solid tower from straws is certainly possible and not as difficult as it sounds. Index cards, being little more than small piece of paper, are not exactly ideal building blocks. But with the right procedure, you can still make something that will stand up using only four cards. Perhaps you have some time on your hands and are curious if such a structure can be formed.

To do that you need a wide base. Index cards are generally thicker than regular paper, allowing them to create a structure that will stand up against wind or pressure from any side.

Here is an idea: The design of the tower must be in a way that it is stable/won't fall over . If your kids think this is too easy, challenge them to build a tower using a single sheet of paper and the roll of masking tape. STRONG (until 7:30) 1.

Remember ideas about compression, tension and load and the shapes of strong structures.