One very current and popular case of public It is agreed that this effect is undeniable and in many cases beneficial in shaping and directing people’s underlying opinions but the impacts could be negative sometimes as well. How does the media influence public policy? The United States has a democratic government, meaning that the people vote to elect leaders and change laws based on the majority. It is argued that newspapers have a great impact on people’s set of beliefs and opinions. Reasonably free journalism is one example, where government misconduct can be brought before public scrutiny through a variety of different media, including newspapers, television and the Internet. Firstly, “Public enemy number one” was taken from The Sun (Coles, 2011), a newspaper which represents right-wing principles. Public opinion on woman liberation, gender prejudice, role of women in politics and decision-making, public opinion on economic reforms, winning of political parties in ensuing elections are some of the brilliant examples of how public opinion may scatter throughout the world and may spread without any direct personal and face to face, shoulder to shoulder contact.

The aim is to discover to what extent a person's attitude on public questions, on which the press is assumed to be so influ-ential, correlates with the attitude on these questions of the newspaper to which he is most frequently exposed. 2) Shaping public opinion by influencing attitudes and beliefs. Public opinion and its ability to influence political decision-making can be bolstered by a number of outside agents also frequently present in democratic systems. The University of Kansas is a major comprehensive research and teaching university. Gerald and Betty Ford reached the American people through media such as television, newspapers, and radio. Finally, “Little Ted’s was ‘ideal’ place for Vanessa George abuse” was traced from BBC News (2010b), which is commonly known to … Ways the media influences public policy: 1) Giving issues specific attention. Gerald R. Ford became the 38 th President of the United States after Richard Nixon resigned due to his involvement in the Watergate scandal. Secondly, “Vanessa George jailed for child sex abuse” was extracted from The Guardian (Morris, 2009) which expresses mostly liberal interests. The university's mission is to lift students and society by educating leaders, building healthy communities and making discoveries that change the world. When these voters rely on the mass media to assist them in developing an opinion for determining a vote, the media influences politics.