Ever since then I have been playing basketball. Basketball has been my favorite sport ever since I was a baby. It was a great way for me to make friends. How basketball changed my life There are a lot of sports in the world that people love, but for me the sport that excites me the most is the beauty of watching a basketball swish through the net. By four years old I was playing at the YMCA in Jacksonville with other kids from my hometown. Essay How Basketball Has Changed My Life. Basketball is one of the hardest sports to learn, because it takes so many skill assets to master also basketball has changed my life in a major way to help me become a better man. There is nothing better than the sound a basketball makes when it swishes in the basket, or the feeling of a basketball on your fingertips. Basketball is the greatest thing that has happened to me and I truly believe it has changed my life. Everything I used to get me better at basketball, I also applied it in the classroom. Work ethic, dedication, and heart have propelled me to the next level in life. Basketball will always motivate me to be a better person in the classroom and the choices I … To conclude there are a lot of sports in the world but basketball has helped me in my life. I got my first little tykes basketball rim on my first birthday. Basketball has had a great impact in my life. Basketball has changed and impacted my life for the better, and has created memories that I would not trade for the world. These are not just words to me, … Listening and taking what my dad and my uncle install into my head made me a better person on and off the basketball court. I have so many great friends and family to support me and could have never made it without them. As you may not no I’m a junior transfer from Baltimore Maryland that has traveled here to become a basketball player here at Loras College. Essay On How Basketball Changed My Life.