The length of the Honors Thesis varies by discipline and journal requirements. Students who fail to write and/or present their Honors thesis papers will be dismissed from the Program. A two-semester honors thesis is required for graduating with departmental honors. The honors thesis is a two-semester, mentored research experience that culminates in a written thesis. Completing the Honors Thesis requires a student to attempt an insightful contribution to his/her critical, scholarly, or scientific field.

a thesis project under the direction of a faculty mentor. Signature Page. UNIVERSITY HONORS PROGRAM THESIS HANDBOOK 1.10.19 . An honors thesis must receive a grade of A or A- to count toward completion of the honors program. Write an Honors Thesis … 6. Penned in the preliminary pages of an arcane book on dispensational modernism, Scott Jaschik of Inside Higher Ed wondered aloud if it might be the best book acknowledgement ever. Generous funding from Macaulay Honors College, and support from the Macaulay Honors College staff, especially the Associate Dean of Student Affairs, Andrew Adair, allowed me to attend the National Collegiate Undergraduate Research Conference in April 2013 to present my thesis–a wonderful experience and one of the highlights of my college career. In case you missed it, here it … Students in the University Honors Program may choose to graduate with an Honors Thesis. In order to complete the requirements of CPH:4990 and to graduate with Honors in the Major, students and their mentors must do the following: In the semester in which you plan to graduate you need to apply to graduate with Honors in the major. Students conducting a two-semester honors TYPICALLY complete the following: Identify a faculty research mentor who will agree to supervise their honors thesis. A thesis that receives a grade of B+ through D will receive credit but will not fulfill the thesis requirement for the Communication honors program, and the student will not graduate with department honors. The Honors Thesis provides students with an opportunity to develop the essential scholarly tool of evidence-based argument, engaging a topic or question of interest, with guidance from faculty.. The signature page has the title, centered and in all CAPITAL letters. The Honors Thesis is an opportunity for students to pursue a topic of their choice in the ... Two short notes at the end of the thesis: Acknowledgements and a biographical note of the author Documentation Every day in the lab was a learning experience. A fantastic acknowledgements page had the academic twittersphere talking. To my thesis advisor, Dr. Mary Jane De Souza, who has guided me since my freshman year: you have provided me with more opportunities than I could have ever hoped for. 5. The completion of this honors thesis project would not have been possible without a tremendous support system. Accompanying me on the trip to NCUR … Honors College Thesis Handbook Updated: December 2018 ACKNOWLEDGMENT: The Honors College would like to gratefully acknowledge Dr. Ann Eisenberg for her initial construction of this document and the thesis process. Below the title there are four right-justified lines for the signatures of the thesis advisor and the three Honors Committee members; under each line is the right-justified name of the faculty. Through independent study and research, conducted over several semesters, students begin to apply the methods of their chosen discipline(s) to the investigation of a specific topic of interest.

A humanities thesis might be 40 to 60 pages; one in mathematics or the natural sciences might be 20 to 30 pages; and a creative thesis might be more or less depending on the topic.