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To apply for research students, it is necessary to get supervisor’s informal consent in advance. Hokkaido University Archives. Many students and former students have contributed to this project (Kuno and Inatsu 2014). HOKKAIDO UNIVERSITY WISE Program for One Health Frontier Graduate School of Excellence Out-reach activities are conducted through research institutes, collaborative industries, ... Hokkaido University. To get supervisor’s informal consent, send the following documents by e-mail.
Message from the Dean. Site map; Mail; Access The Hokkaido University Graduate School of Medicine is focused on seven fields of research (physiology, pathology, social medicine, internal medicine, surgery, specialized medicine, and community networked medicine), which together offer an environment that is ideal for an educational experience provided by a faculty engaged in innovative research activities. Three Policies in the Graduate School of Veterinary Medicine and Assessment Policy.

Health Care Center. Student Advice and Counseling Center. Institute for Genetic Medicine. Zooming out from Hokkaido, the relationship between Japanese climate and ocean is also an interesting topic of research. Molecular Pathogenesis. We are involved in an ongoing project on Hokkaido climate change by using down-scalings (left in Figure 4). Researchers List of Hokkaido University; Professors List of Graduate School of Economics and Business; 2.Informal consent application. Find 4528 researchers and browse 612 departments, publications, full-texts, contact details and general information related to Hokkaido University | Sapporo, Japan | Hokudai Faculty of Economics and Business, Hokkaido University ... Hokkaido University 〒060-0809 Kita9 Nishi7, Kita-ku, Sapporo 060-0809, JAPAN TEL +81-(0)11-706-4058 Site Policy; Link ©Faculty/Graduate School/School of Economics and Business, Hokkaido Univ. ... Hokkaido University Museum.

Please refrain from contacting Archaeological Research Center. Research. The Research Faculty of Agriculture stands at the forefront of research on food security, ... and environmental ageing and its restoration.