There are many advantages of online shopping; this is the reason why online stores are a booming business today. That is, factors such as customer design interface which includes context, content and customization, speed, adjustable customer profile and likelihood of modified products among others have eased the process through which customer gets the commodity. Participate in Q4I Latest essay writing topic Online Shopping and write down your own thoughts on various topics. Home — Essay Samples — Business — Online Shopping — Advantages of Online Shopping This essay has been submitted by a student. INTRODUCTION Online shopping is a form of electroniccommerce whereby consumers directly buygoods or services from a seller over theInternet without an intermediary service. ONLINE SHOPPING By Brittany Pomije 2. This is not … Using videotex, a two way message service, it revolutionised businesses.We now know this as e-commerce. Technologically, online shopping has offered easy ways through which customer purchase his commodities. Shoppers can visit web stores from the comfort of their homes and shop as they sit in front of the computer. A Brief History of E-commerce. A typology of shopper types has been developed by scholars which identifies one group of shoppers as recreational shoppers, that is, those who enjoy shopping and view it as a leisure activity. Online shopping has become a popular shopping method ever since the internet has declared a takeover. I … Before you decide whether or not online shopping is for you, it is important to weigh the pros and cons of entering into the world of e-commerce. Nowadays, shopping in supermarkets is becoming more and more popular. A third category consists of portals, such as America Online, where goods and services from several online retailers are offered to consumers. I believe that shopping preferences change depending on a person’s situation. Online shopping is the process of buying goods and services from merchants who sell on the Internet. Since the emergence of the World Wide Web, merchants have sought to sell their products to people who surf the Internet. The most of people like shopping in supermarket but the others do not like. ONLINE SHOPPING. Other Pros and Cons of Online Shopping Pros: Many online stores sell products at really low prices because of the lack of money spent on overhead. These Essay writing are very helpful for … Online and in-store shopping differentiates in various ways. Recently, online shopping has been most convenient for me, but I enjoy both ways of shopping. 1.2. Online shopping presentation 1. This essay discusses the advantages and the drawbacks of the shopping in supermarkets. ONLINE SHOPPING PROS AND CONS As with most online activities, there are definite tradeoffs in online shopping between convenience, cost savings, choice, and privacy. However, they both are convenient ways to shop. Shopping is an activity in which a customer browses the available goods or services presented by one or more retailers with the potential intent to purchase a suitable selection of them.