It encourages the submission of articles fro History of the 99th Fighter Squadron, March 1941-17 Oct 1943, at the Air Force Historical Research Agency (call number SQ-FI-99-HI).

"Research in history involves developing an understanding of the past through the examination and interpretation of evidence. There is no manipulation or control of variables as in experimental research.

What is Historical Research? Historical research can be daunting to those with little past experience. We discuss how and why history and historical research methods can enrich theoretical explanations of strategy phenomena.

An attempt is made to reconstruct what happened during History 101: Western Civilization I ... One type of qualitative research is historical research, which involves examining past events to draw conclusions and make predictions about the future. The systematic collection and evaluation of data to describe, explain, and understand actions or events that occurred sometime in the past. Evidence may exist in the form of texts, physical remains of historic sites, recorded data, pictures, maps, artifacts, and so on. Historical Research is a generalist history journal covering a broad geographical and temporal span. Benjamin O. Davis, Jr., as a Tuskegee Airman This book is both an excellent historical reference and a model for students on how to conduct historical research .

Here are a few research tips and study skills to make historical research manageable and interesting: Keep the big picture in mind.