The 2019-20 coursework assessment tasks for National 5 and Higher Design and Manufacture are now available from our secure website. Receive updates. Please store securely and treat as confidential until you use them with your candidates. Higher 2019 mi Marking Instructions (270KB) Higher 2018 QP Past Paper (3,063KB) Marking Instructions. Learners analyse a range of art and design practice and critically reflect on the impact of external factors on artists, designers and their work. Subject updates. Design. The WJEC AS and A level specification in Art and Design has been designed to provide engaging and innovative creative learning experiences, where art, craft and design practice is meaningfully integrated with theoretical knowledge and understanding..

Updates and announcements. Building on skills from Part One you'll integrate your research, ideas and methods of working to produce a body of work that allows you to analyse your interests and ambitions and to investigate directions to pursue.

JC Metalwork Techniques and Design Practical Higher Level ML2 Circular S80_19 Metalwork Assignments JC 2020 Metalwork Project Instructions and Design - Ordinary Level EV JC 2020 Metalwork Project Instructions and Design - Higher Level EV. in Art and Design Art, Craft and Design – 9AD0 Fine Art – 9FA0 Graphic Communication – 9GC0 Textile Design – 9TE0 Three-dimensional Design – 9TD0 Photography – 9PY0 Specification First certification 2017 Issue 4 . When selecting paper, remember that it is weighted in pounds. Slide lecture-discussion.

Art Forms. For media like watercolor, you’ll want to ensure you’re working on a thicker paper (such as 140 pounds)—this will ensure that the paper won’t curl or wrinkle from the water. Art and Design National 3 National 4 National 5 Higher. Junior Cycle Visual Art 2020: S94-19 Visual Art December 2019 S60.19 JC Visual Art Circular 2019 EV V2 October 2019 subject update (174 KB) October 2018 subject update (258 KB) Higher 2019 QP Past Paper (12,636KB) Marking Instructions. The Higher Art and Design course enables learners to communicate personal thoughts, feelings and ideas through the creative use of art and design materials, techniques and/or technology. If so, you can take inspiration from the many Southern Cross University graduates whose careers are thriving after completing our Bachelor of Art and Design. Breadth E1. (Course fee, $5) Units: 3 Course Typically Offered: Fall, Spring GE Area: C1 ART 13. An introduction to art/seeing and appreciating the visual world around us. This internationally acknowledged degree is designed to enhance your artistic flair and develop your career options as an artist, curator or designer. Exploration of basic art concepts through two- and three-dimensional design problems.

Essential Information. G.E. The higher the number pound, the thicker the paper will be.

Art & Design ART 1. Field trips may be required. The Foundation Diploma in Art and Design is designed to help you build a portfolio and to prepare you for interview to enter higher education and subsequent employment. You can arrange access to them through your SQA Co-ordinator. Manage MyAlerts. G.E. Breadth C1.