AJN The American Journal of Nursing: December 2016 - Volume 116 - Issue 12 - p 14. doi: 10.1097/01.NAJ.0000508647.48317.35. Survey respondents said that, due to high drug costs, they or their clients had purchased drugs from a foreign country (over half from Mexico, approximately 35% from Canada, and another 37% from other countries). Rare diseases, however, aren’t all that rare. Sofer, Dalia.

How high is too high a cost, some argue, if a drug can save 200 or 300 babies a year from a debilitating, degenerative illness or death? The survey revealed that 88% of respondents did not know how to tell whether they were buying drugs from an official pharmacy when they bought drugs online. The report, published Monday in the journal Health Affairs, found that the cost of brand-name oral prescription drugs rose more than 9 percent a year from 2008 and 2016, while the annual cost …

If you are concerned about the high cost of drugs, let your member of Congress know by calling 844-453-9952 toll free. : Frank Scavo refused to pay what … Prescription drugs are an important part of the health care system and patients rely on medicines to keep them healthy.

Recent controversies are shedding light on the complex—and sometimes unsavory—forces at work. The pharma industry generates large profits. Various measurements for total drug spending show a growing problem: CMS estimates that between 2012 and 2016, drug spending increased 26.8%, while a recent PEW study found that net spending on drugs skyrocketed from $250.7 billion in 2012 to $341.0 billion in 2016—an increase of 36%. Unfortunately, prices for prescription drugs have soared in recent years, with the price of a single medicine often exceeding an average American’s annual income, putting a severe burden on … One in 10 people also admitted to buying prescription medications illegally from Canada, Mexico, or another … The High Cost of Prescription Drugs in America.

PROBLEM: According to a February 2004 poll conducted for the Associated Press, one of every three respondents said that paying for prescriptions was a problem for their families.

Why are high-price drugs such a problem for the health care system? 1 Of those, three out of every four said they had put off filling their prescriptions or cut back on doses because of the cost. Australian data show that the cost per prescription for cancer drugs is at least 2.5 times higher than for other medicines. Figure.

Any effort must start with identifying common ground on the factors that drive high drug prices. There is widespread public support for addressing the problem of high prescription drug prices. Author Information . Free; Metrics Abstract. Dalia Sofer . Ideally, policymakers would be guided by the goals of rebalancing incentives for innovation and price competition, prioritizing patient access and affordability, and maximizing the availability of information …