Essay on heavy school bags. CARRYING heavy school bags day after day is one of the most distressing experiences for young children. As the spectrum of the subjects grows, and the quality of resources improves, the weight of the school bags seems to go up too. If the child needs help to lift it onto the shoulders. Lift with the legs, not the back. Bend at the knees with the back straight when lifting the bag. Heavy school bags still a weighty issue.

Overweight school bags have long been an issue of concern, so much so that it has prompted a local …

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Is the bag too heavy? read more punishment violation of spine. Carrying heavy bag packs can lead to fatigue, muscle strain, back pain , distortion of spines and rounding of the shoulders.

The burden of school bags also got reduced due to the protest of lots of media channels in the past as they felt that the number of books is getting higher.

Essay on heavy school bags in english for master thesis business strategy. Slinging the bag over one shoulder causes spine damage. Reluctant to criticize the logging industry, the game is enjoying a moment longer. Carrying heavy school bags is a concern for students and families. The Burden of School Bags School bags have been a matter of controversy for some time now, everywhere around the world.

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Conclusion Now, there is the least amount of burden on the shoulders of students as all they … The heavy bags cause the children to have back-aches and tiredness. The child should always use both straps of the school bag. The pain associated with carrying a backpack is referred to as “backpack syndrome” . Ace high school bag is father of school with unique possibilities find your personal essay on heavy bag … If the child leans forward when walking with it.