The prestigious Harvard University's magazine has received flak in recent years for two articles which have been controversial--to say the Homeschool Harvard Magazine: A Response. Harvard law professor, Elizabeth Bartholet (pictured), believes that homeschooling can be 'dangerous' because it gives parents authoritarian control over their children. April 28, 2020 April 29, 2020 Katie Julius. Intolerance, even disgust, for “other people’s viewpoints” is all over the paper in the Arizona Law Review article that inspired the Harvard Magazine piece. this article is upsetting :/ homeschooling was a great option for me and allowed me to really differentiate myself from other applicants. In an article titled "The Risks of Homeschooling" featured in the latest edition of Harvard magazine, Harvard Law School professor Elizabeth Bartholet stressed in an interview that children have a right to a "meaningful education" and that the state is obligated to intervene to protect them from abuse, which is sometimes interwoven within homeschool environments. When Harvard Magazine responded to the shutdown with a story on homeschooling, it had several good options. From Homeschool to Harvard Harvard’s homeschooled students say growing up outside of a traditional school system was an opportunity for them to be flexible and self-driven. It could have tapped Harvard alumni and faculty who are homeschoolers to share some of their experience and advice with its readers. by John McGowan, CHEA Board of Directors.

By now, many in the homeschool community have either read or seen reports of the recent Harvard Magazine piece offering the views of Elizabeth Bartholet, professor of law and faculty director of the Harvard Law School’s Child Advocacy Program. I was homeschooled and recently graduated from harvard college.