! So I'm looking for a pretty small amp to buy with my guitar I'm getting and found a Guitar research 30w tube amp for only $40 in good condition. Skip to main content Skip to footer site5112405506 Used 112405506 Schecter Guitar Research T30R Tube Guitar Combo Amp Guitar Center: Shop for Gear Guitar Center: Shop Music Gear

Here is a great little amp by Guitar Research. Only cosmetics and the brand badge change. The same amp is sold under at least 10 other brands as well (with slightly different model names). I had put it on layaway on Thursday, but my kid wanted a bigger amp right away. It also has an effects loop.

I know this is the guitar dept., but I bought a Guitar Research T64RS mini stack for my daughter this past Saturday from Sam Ash. I did not know this!

So she takes the balance out of her …

I will include a power cable. Guitar Research review / Guitar Amplifiers / Unbiased reviews of guitar equipment, CD and DVD music at Ultimate-Guitar.Com This is a 60 watt tube amp (tube pre-amp), and …

It has been rarely used and has been in a smoke-free home. It works great for beginners but sounds great for a spare/practice amp.

guitar research t-30r Is Similar To: C212e 4008 Schecter Guitar Research Hr100 Hr Stage 100 2x12 Tube Amp Black 081544705989 (44.4% similar) If defective, these items will only be exchanged for the same product. The 2-channel design can go from clean to crunch in a flash. It has a power tube in it. A headphone jack is also provided for private practice. This closed-back combo takes a 12" special design guitar speaker and drives it with 60 watts of power.

It has great tubey tone. Please follow the return instructions printed on the back of your invoice.