Thanks for doing business with me. I love this cab, and I got a great deal. Guitar Research 4x8 Guitar Cab W/Celestion. Used (normal wear), Guitar research t64rs head and 4x8" cab .

Adam D. - August 18, 2016 Quick and easy transaction. Good A pedal with scratches and dents on its chassis, a guitar with some cracks in the binding, or maybe an old snare drum with some corrosion on the lugs could all be classified as Good. With a Very Good guitar, for example, you might find some scratches, buckle rash, or other minor blemishes but nothing that affects the playability or function of the instrument. It was driving me nuts that I couldn't remember the name. Up for offer is a Guitar Research t64rs head and matching 4x8 cabinet with casters. Excellent condition. Product Specs. Make an offer! All lights working. Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs' started by jhammons01, Oct 3, 2007. We recorded a few songs and I used my B52 through a marshall cab, they used the GR piggyback. $75 firm. of course! This has been my main rehearsalfor the past 7/8 years and I have never had any problems with it. Guitar Research Thank you!

Please watch my videos and you will see that the unit is in very good shape. Description. T64rs Guitar Research Amp With 4x8 Cabinet (55.6% similar) I believe this was a special production run for sam ash that's where I purchased it. Interesting. Charles H. - August 10, 2016 Thanks for trusting Select Sounds LLC for your guitar accessory purchase. Thanks a ton! I see now blackstar has a little 4x8 cabinet available if anyone else is interested. Guitar Research 4x8 cab info needed. Make an offer! Digidesign Pro Control + Fader Pack. A couple of people even said it was the best tone they had heard in a long …

building tomorrow, speakers arrive next week. Steve B. When I let people hear the recording, without knowing what it was they said the GR sounded like pure tube heaven!! I will include the router, cables for a correct connection. Used (normal wear), Guitar Research 4x8 amp cab. - August 01, 2016 Great buyer and quick payment! Your package is on the way! We'll be experimenting with a couple designs, probably start with a classic 4x10 size, which is a little large for 4 8" speakers, but an amp will need to be able to sit on top, 2/3 or 3/4 closed, maybe with the vertical oval cut-out. $80 bux?? Selling this nice Pro Control + Fader Pack (16 Faders) All faders working. A few years back I was in a band where the other guitar player had the guitar research one. .