graphite transfer paper creates the crispest, cleanest, sharpest lines, and easily erase or can be sanded out.

This premium paper has an 8% wax content, which creates stronger, cleaner, bolder lines compared to other leading brands. Graphite paper can leave residue on your hands, so wash them after using to avoid smudging your work. Use an archival artist tape to tape the graphite paper to the canvas. 12" X 24" Sheet. It is best when used with the burnisher for a good transfer without tearing the paper. MyArtscape Graphite Transfer Paper is a specialized transfer paper that uses carbon to transfer a design from one surface to another. The carbon transfer paper work on many surfaces, pattern or images onto canvas, paper, wood, glass, metal, ceramic, clay and other art surfaces.

Use the burnisher to trace the pattern. Our graphite transfer paper is ideal for tracing patterns onto your projects.

Browse our roundup of the best graphite transfer papers below. Quickly transfer your designs onto your craft project with paper that is a joy to use. Make sure that the "messy" side of the transfer paper is facing down, towards your canvas, and the "clean" side is facing up. This transfer paper is ideal for use with our intarsia and wood burning patterns. Cut out a piece of transfer paper at the exact same size as your reference photo. Gently tape the transfer paper to the canvas. Artist tape is ideal because it is acid-free and removes easily without leaving …