GR Research offers five models of speakers with various options, levels of assembly, and finish. 'Sonicaps', from what I have read elsewhere, do not measure well. A push-pull symmetrical magnet system is used to control an etched Aluminum/Kaladex laminate diaphragm. This one, the NEO-2X, uses the B&G NEO 3 PDR planar-magnetic ribbon transducer ("The construction of these new drivers is very unique. The parts included in the crossover are very good. I have made some of GR Research's speaker kits as well and I was not as impressed as some other talented builders. A 3d animation of GR Research's V-1 Open Baffle Kit Loud Speaker. GR Research LGK 1.0 Full Range Speaker Every now and again I take a break from building cables and amps to build a speaker. The AV1 has two larger siblings, the AV1+ which is an MTM configuration of the AV1, and the AV3 which is a floor-standing version of the AV1+. I am very leery of 'superior audio quality' parts. This includes the AV1, which is the most inexpensive of their lineup. Z Review - Klipsch Forte III (Speakers so big when you die they can bury you in them!) my collection of polk sra 1.2 tl. Danny Richie of GR-Research has three new speaker system kits that go into Parts Express cabinets. If I were to improve them I might add an electronic crossover as per Frank Hale's suggestion.