It affects every continent and was listed in 2019 by the World Economic Forum as one of the largest global risks in terms of potential impact over the next decade. "The recent water crisis in Chennai gained global attention, but various areas in India are experiencing chronic water stress as well," says Shashi Shekhar, former Secretary of India's Ministry of Water Resources, and Senior Fellow, WRI India. The global water crisis is a serious threat, and not only to those who suffer, get sick, and die from tainted water or water-borne disease. The Pacific Institute, which studies issues of water and global security, found a fourfold increase in violent confrontations over water over the last decade. Sustainable Earth: Water. 'Water scarcity is the lack of fresh water resources to meet water demand. In developing nations, however, the search for safe drinking water can be a daily crisis. Share using Email. There’s a better way forward. “The global water crisis – caused by drought, flood, and climate change – is less about supply than it is about recognizing water’s true value, using it efficiently, and planning for a … The Pandemic Is Laying Bare a Global Water Crisis Insufficient water for washing is likely to worsen the coronavirus in the poorest nations.

Confronting the Global Water Crisis Through Research Emergence of China From 2003-2010, the number of articles published by China grew from with an average annual growth rate of 28%. Is the world running out of fresh water? During the same period, the number of publications of articles from USA institutions on water resources research had an annual increase of 11%. The water needs to come from such different sources for a reason – it’s because there is a global freshwater crisis.