Create a new document Step 1: Launch GIMP, and select File-menu > New. To create this effect, we’ll be working with a paper texture. Step 2: Select Filters-menu > Noise… and choose ‘RGB Noise’. Creating this effect is simply a matter of adding color to the paper, creating a... Video Tutorial. Go to File>New. Open A New Document Torn paper brushes go a long way in helping designers create awesome designs. This fact is undisputable. Step 2: Make the Tile Seamless

Choose the height and width of your paper in pixels, and press ‘OK’.

GIMP Tutorial: Paper Cutout Letters Paper Texture. Open GIMP. These ripped paper brushes and paper texture background can be used to create stylish designs of all kinds. Tutorial: How To Create A Seamless Texture in GIMP Step 1: Create the random texture Handmade paper textures have remained the favorite of designers since quite some time now. Creating the Cutout Effect with GIMP.