Thomas Jefferson (April 13, 1743 (April 2, 1743 O.S.) Both Washington and Jefferson were raised in Virginia, a geographic part of the country in which slavery had been an entrenched cultural institution. – July 4, 1826) was an American Founding Father, the principal author of the Declaration of Independence (1776) and the third President of the United States (1801–1809). This simple activity focuses on key facts about each person (based on VA SOL 1.2). Help your students compare and contrast two famous Virginians: George Washington and Thomas Jefferson! Biography of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson Essay 4286 Words | 18 Pages . George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. Resource includes:- Short reading passage about each person- Graphic Organizer comparing and contrasting the … Term Paper on Comparison of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson Assignment Indeed, many men of this class were truly brilliant. Essay about Jefferson vs. Hamilton on Views of Government 1974 Words | 8 Pages. Jefferson and Hamilton had two separate and different lifestyles and views of the government. They were not only intellectual elites relative to their American countrymen, but intellectual elites when compared with their contemporaries in Europe, the great statesmen and philosophers of their day. Biography of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson George Washington was commander in chief of the Continental army during the American Revolution and later became the first president of the United States serving from1789 until 1797. in the 1790s, Thomas Jefferson’s or Alexander Hamilton’s? At the beginning of the American Revolution, he served in the Continental Congress, representing Virginia and then served as a wartime Governor of Virginia (1779–1781). Both of these men served under George Washington in the first presidential cabinet, yet they had very different views of what government should be (Davis 86).
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Jefferson vs. Hamilton Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton lived in a time where things in the United States were not extremely stable, and the Declaration of Independence was yet to be set in stone. Compare And Contrast George Washington With Thomas Jefferson.