He is best remembered for his scathingly satirical and frighteningly political novels, Animal Farm and Nineteen Eighty-Four. For instance, in April 1940, when his friends Rayner and Margaret Heppenstall celebrated the birth of a daughter, he … George Orwell is actually the pseudonym of Eric Arthur Blair. In his popular novel 1984 which was written in 1948, […] The writer was born in Motihari, India, in 1903.His father was a British agent in the Opium Department of the Indian Civil Service.. Young Eric was sent to England with his mother when he was still very young. of Eric Arthur Blair, 1903–50, British novelist and essayist, b. Bengal, India. George Orwell, pseud. George Orwell was a man of strong opinions who addressed some of the major political movements of his times, including imperialism, fascism and communism. George Orwell - George Orwell - Animal Farm and Nineteen Eighty-four: In 1944 Orwell finished Animal Farm, a political fable based on the story of the Russian Revolution and its betrayal by Joseph Stalin. Shooting an Elephant by George Orwell with a new introduction by Jeremy Paxman, Penguin Classics, £9.99, available from the Telegraph bookshop. George Orwell was an English novelist, essayist and critic most famous for his novels 'Animal Farm' (1945) and 'Nineteen Eighty-Four' (1949). Biography George Orwell was the pseudonym of Eric Arthur Blair, born in Motihari, Bengal, India, in 1903, to a family which he described in The Road to Wigan Pier (1937) as ‘lower-upper middle class’: ‘upper-middle class without money’. In the book a group of barnyard animals overthrow and chase off their exploitative human masters and set up an egalitarian society of their own. George Orwell was a British author and journalist who fought against social injustice and totalitarianism. This article was first published in 2009. George Orwell, was an English novelist, essayist and journalist. He is regarded as one of the most influential authors of the 20th century, and is the second best British author since 1945 according to The Times.Orwell wrote literary critiques, poetry and novels. He is probably best known for the novels Animal Farm and 1984. George Orwell and Fatherhood: Part Three * Orwell as a Father: Confounding All Expectations Orwell had long expressed his wish to become a father. After attending Eton, he served (1922–27) with the … Masha Gessen on George Orwell’s essay “The Prevention of Literature” and what it says about the modern condition of creating art in the face of a totalitarian state.