A girl's entire life would be focused on marrying a good husband. A place from which to continue the conversation regarding gender inequality in the arts is to acknowledge that this has been, and remains to be an international issue.

They did not hold steady income jobs and had very few rights. It's been almost two years since millions of women across the world used the simple, yet powerful, hashtag #MeToo. In the long term, its impact on women’s health, rights and freedoms could harm us all.

Although there is evidence that there was gender inequality in China's education system in the 1980s, the literature in China has mixed evidence on improvements in gender inequality in educational attainment over the past three decades.

During this time, women have … In the present article an attempt has been made to examine the problem of gender inequality in India.

Only women part of noble families had any rights. Gender as a category was credited with solely political and pragmatic meaning and was utilized as a means for the communist government to achieve its own political and cultural utopia. Sonali Jain-Chandra published a striking chart on income inequality in China on the IMF blog – which is based on a recently issued working paper.It shows that the Gini coefficient has risen by 15 points since 1990 to 50: that is a big change, even though some increase in inequality could have been expected as the level of development improved. Read this article on Questia. Despite oppositions, artists and organizations have inspiring and well-documented histories of working with resilience through such inequalities.

But the pandemic is exposing and exploiting inequalities of all kinds, including gender inequality.

Drawing on a unique data set about provincial-level elites, I quantify gender inequality in Chinese politics and test several commonly held hypotheses. For urban sent-down youth, gender inequality was absent from public discourse, and conflict between the sexes was concealed by a state discourse that constructed class struggle as paramount.

In Ancient China, a woman's role in society was to serve her husband. Although most empirical studies of Chinese women in politics focus on the National People's Congress (NPC), this paper focuses on officials in the Party-State, on the grounds that they wield more power than members of the NPC. Early signs are that the COVID-19 virus poses a greater direct health risk to men, and particularly older men. Gender inequality has deep roots in China. In this process, the article not only discusses the extent, causes and consequences of the problem, but also suggests policy measures to reduce gender inequality in India.