Global Times is running a neat feature on its Facebook page (yes, Global Times has a Facebook page) in which it posts sample questions from China’s National College Entrance Exam, i.e. Students in … Those Gaokao exam questions in full.

13 Replies. Editor’s note: this year, nine million students sat their gaokao, a standardized exam that determines college admissions. Here’s a selection of the questions. Example of gaokao essay response, from 2013 JISHOU, HUNAN — China’s teenagers took the dreaded gaokao 高考 — the two-day national college entrance examination — two weeks ago. The gaokao essay. She’ll have an IV drip later . These Gaokao essay questions are easier than I thought. Now you can see how you would fare, after a student posted practice questions online. By Anthony Tao June 10, 2013 1:57 pm Comments: 9. ... you can also try the far harder essay questions. This is very random, but I was reading this old article about the gaokao, China's college entrance exam.
I'm sure as a whole its ridiculously hard, but the article mentioned their essay prompts, and those seem easy.

If the purpose of the gaokao is to encourage educational achievement for all test-takers, it is necessary to make essay questions less idiosyncratic. Gaokao Questions Are Ridiculous. Gaokao: Can you pass China's grueling college entrance exam? Every year millions of Chinese students sit the notoriously tough National College Entrance Exam. Photos: 10 million Chinese students sit one gruelling exam. gaokao.Its headline asks: So you think you’re smarter than a Chinese high school student? For the average gaokao watcher, although it’s entertaining to track the high-tech devices students use to circumvent the system -- and the lengths authorities go to catch them -- the real fun begins with the release of the gaokao essay question after Monday morning’s exam segment. The gaokao tests specific knowledge of literature, politics, history, math, science, English and Chinese (putonghua 普通话), and requires an essay in putonghua. Literature China has four novels. Among the questions for gaokao, the one that got the most attention was perhaps the writing test, which required students to write a 800-word essay in Chinese in 60 minutes. Lunch break’s not a problem. This intense exam can be the key to a student’s social status and future.