General Topics All About Rocks Aquifer Essentials Fossils and Artifacts Earth Dynamics Florida Topics Florida Rocks & Minerals The Research Excellence Initiative is now in its fourth year. History of Florida 1314 Words | 6 Pages. The University of Florida is a globally recognized leader in studies of wetland mitigation, wetland nutrient cycling, biogeochemical indicators and treatment wetlands for wastewater and stormwater runoff. The USF Health Office of Research provides centralized services and shared resources for the University of South Florida Health colleges to facilitate their research missions. Our research mission is to advance the scientific foundation of emergency medicine through research. The Florida Health Grand Rounds is a webinar series held in the Fall and Spring semesters in partnership with Florida university-based researchers and hosted by the Department. Such data is generated through scientific research supported by state, federal and other agency Below you will find information about geology as well as topics that are unique to Florida. research indicates that Florida had been inhabited for thousands of years before any European settlements.

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Wetland sciences research has proliferated over the past two decades. The USF Health Office of Research fosters cross-college, interdisciplinary, research endeavors and funding opportunities. Please click here for the 2020 Florida History Day State Contest results. Sponsored by the Museum of Florida History, Florida History Day (FHD) is an annual, statewide activity that enhances the teaching and learning of history at middle and high school. Many academic institutions now include wetland studies in their curriculums. The topics have a broad focus, touching on emerging, innovative, and cross-cutting areas of public health. Geology is the study of the earth's solid structure, its composition, and the dynamic processes and interactions that this material has with air and water.

Of the many indigenous peoples, the largest known were the Ais, the Apalachee, the Calusa, the Timucua and the Tocobago tribes. Florida, which joined the union as the 27th state in 1845, is nicknamed the Sunshine State and known for its balmy climate and natural beauty.

The Florida Geological Survey uses basic geological research data and maps to generate, analyze, interpret and disseminate geologic and hydrogeologic data and information to decision makers at all levels of government, academia, the consulting community and the public at large. Spanish explorer