Final Fantasy VIII. On Disc 4 the village cannot be entered, so anything you want to do here must be done on Discs 2 and 3. Tri-Point patrols the Wine Cellar, safeguarding Ultimecia's stash of Cabernet and Pinot Noir.

Shumi Village is located in Trabia, on the large island north of the large northern continent. Now that you have all but two of the game’s GFs, it’s time to tackle an optional dungeon and get the final two. Junctioning Siren as someone's sole Guardian Force allows her to get the entire EXP load after battle. May 26, 2017 @ 2:58am I find the encounter rate strange in this game, sometimes it's every few steps and other times you can walk for ages with none.

Share Favorite . You will then start with 16 Steam Units (and have access to floor 2 like normal). Final Fantasy VIII Wiki Guide. If you were to ask me, I'd say the perfect game would be killing him, drawing Eden, and drawing 100 Ultimas for each of your party members. re: deep sea research centre Yeah it gets annoying eventually. If I remember correctly only time wont work is Deep Sea Research Center. Note: This first panel can also reset the whole area. Page Tools. Head to Lvl 3. Here, use 1 Steam Unit at the terminal. Last Edited: 23 Aug 2014 2:39 am. Download Guide. For Final Fantasy VIII on the PlayStation, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Deep Sea Research Center Questions". Download PDF Apple Books Google Play. DONK. Choose "Yes", and 4 Steam Units will be used. Version History. I'm pretty sure all of the monsters encountered in the deep sea research center can be encountered in other areas of the game, and using the LVLUP (or whatever its called) ability, you can make them lvl 100. #3. Top Contributors: Precocious Turtle, IGN-GameGuides, Mike + more. FINAL FANTASY VIII. Shumi Village. - Talk to your party members and Squall will examine a terminal. Been a while replaying it on steam. The easiest way to collect 100 Curse Spikes is in the area with a save point in Deep Sea Research Center that spawns only Tri-Faces. First time I went down there I got all the way to Ultima, didn't know there was a secret savepoint there and died. They also give plenty of EXP for Siren to level up if she is not Level 100 already. - Head down to level 2. Follow these steps to get to the deep excavation site. UFO. Easier said than done though. Disc 3 Deep Sea Research Center - Part 1.