The remedy for this is simple: spend some time in choosing the accurate journals for submitting you paper. [However, I now remember that I got added as a coauthor to a paper after it had been rejected by a previous journal in combinatorics. You can start by creating a list of journals and reviewing your options before deciding which journal … I had a fight with them because they themselves said in the guidelines that they would consider a waiver for students when requested.

Popular journals are often difficult to get into due to space constraints, while many papers are rejected simply because the topic might not be quite right for the journal in question. The obvious reason for paper rejection are multiple submissions of the same paper to different journals. So we resubmitted to that journal, and it was accepted. Many manuscripts are rejected outright by journals, before they even undergo peer review, because the manuscript is not appropriate for the journal’s readership or does not fit into the journal’s aims and scope. My papers were never rejected but once I myself withdrew my paper because the publishers were demanding money and refused to waive the fee for handling and publication. Enrico Fermi's seminal paper on weak interaction, 1933 COPE code of conduct has many cases about this issue. My feeling was that the new version of the paper was only by historical accident a new version of the paper; in all other ways it was a different paper. Such unethical behavior is forbidden. If you Google “famous papers that were rejected by journals”, the fourth link is a word document noting Nobel-class papers including several chemistry-related articles which were rejected… 8 Scientific Papers That Were Rejected Before Going on to Win a Nobel Prize 1. "It contained speculations too remote from reality to be of... 2.