Faux research articles are not new: one of the most notable examples is physicist Alan Sokal, who in … By turning to the fact-checking sites, the study blurs together a wide range of false information: outright lies, urban legends, hoaxes, spoofs, falsehoods, and “fake news.” It … An occasional hoax paper here and there stirs heated debate, but Boghossian and Lindsay saw a need to cast a wider net.
But according to a study in the Journal of Applied Psychology, they also bring what the investigators call “crystallized knowledge,” which comes from “knowledge born of … The European report at the root of the scare estimated the cancer risk from refined palm oil (in a very crude and inexact way, using animal studies) and suggested that formula-fed infants were at much greater risk than adults.

Many Scientific Studies Are Bogus, but Blockchain Can Help. The article suggests that training men like dogs could reduce cases of sexual abuse. In the Mawson study, they claim (for example) that a preterm birth combined with a vaccination caused a 6.6-fold increase in the odds of a neurological condition or learning disability. A study from the early 1970s, for example, revealed racial prejudice to be more common among respondents tested using the bogus pipeline than with paper and pencils. The stakes can run high in the world of science when the motto is "publish or perish." The technology best known for enabling Bitcoin is ideal for sharing data securely so colleagues can assess new research claims

In the 1980s, the technique was widely used to gauge illicit drug use among young adults.